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A Word From Shane Austin

Austin'sTrail was started on the basis that great affordable outdoor gear makes the outdoors even more enjoyable.  Growing up in the North Carolina Mountains, I learned early that I had a love and passion for the great outdoors!  Being within minutes to some of the East coast's best trails and mountains was just icing on the cake.  Whether I was camping in my Hennessy Hammock on the Appalachian Trail or trail running on the Virginia Creeper in my UK GEAR PT-1000 trail shoes, I was like a kid in the candy store.  Spending time on the Appalachian Trail either hiking or trail running I knew I was hooked on Mother nature. 


Having played soccer during most of my elementary school days, I knew early on that I had a talent in the sport of running.  I hung up my soccer cleats for running spikes and went on to run in high school where I won an individual state title in track and was on the state championship cross country team.  I furthered my education on a full running scholarship and ran at the next level while attending Appalachian State University.  Yes, the same small school that beat the University of Michigan in the big house.   While in college I won 2 Southern Conference individual titles and 3 team titles. 


Now the easy days of school are over and the real world has begun and I cannot think of any better way to enjoy the great outdoors than selling gear and getting to test out equipment that my customers will be using.  So I chose AustinsTrail to do that.  I pride myself on knowing what we sell and whether you are asking about our Lupine Lighting Systems Piko X 3 or just have a question about a Katadyn water filter, we are always here for you.  We hope the trail you pick will be AustinsTrail.   


Thanks for your support,


Shane Austin

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